Thrive Content Builder Review

After seeing so many hyped up “reviews” of Thrive Content Builder, I decided to write my own Thrive Content Builder review based on my experience actually using it.Thrive Content Builder ReviewTo be honest, I have a love hate relationship with Thrive Content Builder.I love it compared to using WordPress’ built-in editor.But I hate some things […]

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Be Very Careful When Changing Your Site’s Structure

One reason it’s important to give thought to your site’s structure right from the start is because changing it later can have a negative impact on your site. After reading some posts on Yoast and other reputable sources I became convinced that I needed to change the structure of my site and that, once I did, […]

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  • Updated August 11, 2018
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How to Bid on Keywords

Reading time: 4 minutes. Now that you think you have some good ad copy, here comes the even harder part: developing a list of keywords to bid on and determining how much to bid on them. Eliminate Bias and Take Yourself out of the Equation It’s great that you have done some brainstorming. But you know what? What you […]

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Ways to Promote Your Website Other than Search

Reading time: 1 minute. When just starting out, I recommend three promotional strategies for your website: organic search, organic search, and organic search. Pay-per-click ads (PPC) and social media ad blitzes may seem attractive but are ineffective and potentially costly. Try these strategies after you have a track record and some profits you can draw on. Some gurus […]

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Pay-per-Click Advertising (Google AdWords)

Reading time: 4 minutes. I won’t spend much time on this because after five years of PPC campaigns I am still not convinced they represent even fair value for money. First, how it works: You sign up with an advertising platform, Google AdWords being the most popular by far. You then draft some ad copy, those pesky ads you […]

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Preparing AdWords

Reading time: 6 minutes. Rather than immediately go to AdWords and start typing in ads, some preparation is in order. Elements of an AdWords Ad First, make sure you understand the “rules”.  Not just about what ads are not allowed, but what the elements are that make up an ad and how long the text of each element […]

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Social Media for Your Blog or Website

Reading time: 7 minutes. My advice for social media will go against the grain.  In my view, promotion of your site via social media is also not a good investment of your precious time. BUT, I acknowledge that it really depends on what kind of website you have and the affiliate partner products or services you promote. […]

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First Steps for your Blog’s Facebook Page

Reading time: 7 minutes. Once your blog’s Facebook page is set up, take the following steps. Complete Your Facebook Page’s ‘About’ Information For the newly created page, fill in the About information and upload some pleasing profile and background images. Ideally, these should match the look and feel of your blog site. This is one of those times it […]

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Backlinks and Referrals for Your Blog or Website

Reading time: 6 minutes. Ah, yes, backlinks, the often touted “secret” way to earn Internet riches from your website. A backlink is a link on a different website that points back to yours, whether your website’s home page or a specific post on your site. If you Google around, you will find all kinds of “white hat” (good […]

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